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The Monkey-Fu Shrine

Geek Tested, Fanboy Approved

Michael A. Goodwin
24 March 1980
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In my professional life, I am the Judiciary Coordinator for Kennesaw State University, as well as an occasional freelance writer for White Wolf Publishing. My writing resume can be found here.

In my personal life, I have an active social life, a girlfriend fiance I've been dating engaged to since August, a precocious and beautiful four and a half five year old girl whom I love almost as much as her mother, a large family that I stay in regular and close contact with, a nice third floor apartment near my work/school if small house and a great abundance of happiness. I run a weekly Exalted game for close friends that I've been running for more than six years, but devote most of my scattered spare time to writing, cooking, and enjoying the wonderful company of those I love.
absinthe, affection, alternative music, alternative rock, anime, armor, art, autumn, baking, batman, bats, big band, blood, books, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, candles, champagne, cheese, chocolate, cigars, classical literature, comics, computers, cons, cook books, cookbooks, cooking, creativity, cuddling, dancing, dark things, death, dessert, english majors, erotica, ethnic foods, europe, evanescence, exalted, exotic cuisine, faith, fantasy, farscape, fiction writing, firefly, flying, folklore, gaming, geeks, good restaurants, goth, goth culture, goth fashion, goth metal, greece, green lantern, grilling, halloween, harry potter, heroism, hiking, honor, hugs, humor, intelligence, italian cuisine, italy, japan, japanese, japanese cuisine, jazz, jim henson, joss whedon, judaism, judicial affairs, knives, kosher, leather, lemurs, life, literature, live music, long walks, martial arts, meat, movies, muse, mushrooms, music, mythology, myths, neil gaiman, nigh eve, night, ninjas, norse mythology, novels, npr, occult, organic foods, ouzo, partying, peter gabriel, phenomenal cosmic power, philosophy, poetry, professional writing, prog rock, radiohead, reading, religion, religions, restaurants, ritual, roleplaying, romans, rpgs, sake, sappy girl movies, sci-fi, science fiction, scotch, sesame street, sex, sharp things, singing, smoke, spice, star trek, star wars, steak, student affairs, supernatural fiction, sushi, swords, tea, teaching, technology, thinking too much, tofu, tolkein, tori amos, travel, webcomics, white wolf, wine, writing