Michael A. Goodwin (nephilpal) wrote,
Michael A. Goodwin

Today I Am 26!

Go me.

In other delightful news:
  1. I got a promotion of sorts at work. I didn't actually get a raise or a new position, but I'm doing more actual judicial work like advising faculty on academic misconduct hearings, learning to be an actual administrative hearing officer, and gearing up to be the primary manager and tech guru for the university's upcoming $40K judicial records database system. So the bottom line is more responsibilities without more pay, but responsibilities that have a professional future and are actually fun for me, instead of dead-end drudgery.
  2. I found a great ally and mentor in the Director of Residence Life at my school, who is guiding me and helping me flesh out the necessary skillset to successfully apply for my doctoral program in a few years.
  3. My relationship is going really well. Like... well to the point of tentatively browsing for jewelry.
  4. Exalted Second Edition came out this week. I wrote all the core rules with the amazing creative input of the astoundingly talented Rebecca Borgstrom and likewise advised her in writing up the Charms. This is the first time I've built an entire rules engine, though admittedly not from scratch. I may have another book signing next week. Details to follow.
  5. I am the happiest I've ever been in my entire life. I mean, I've had happier moments, but in terms of the overall quality of my life, I'm at a new high place.
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